Eclipse: annoying JSP errors

A few weeks ago I’ve posted something about annoying Eclipse validation errors regarding minified JavaScript files. Today I’m here to solve the same issue with regards to JSP validations, specifically when those errors are due to non project related files.

I’ve just setup the Maven Cargo Plugin for my project and suddenly I got tons of errors due to JSP files within Tomcat 7 distribution not satisfying JSP validation rules: I hate those distracting errors/warnings and I decided to apply the same solution I used for JavaScript files.


It’s quite easy, but it has to be done on a per project basis: right click on your project then select Properties and in the upcoming pop up window select Validation then click on the ellipses (…) button for JSP Content Validator (you’ll have to repeat the same for the JSP Syntax Validator).

In the new pop up window that will be displayed you will have to add an Exclude Group and then add a rule for the target folder.


Run a clean build to free up your project from unecessary validation erros!

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