Combine Maven profile properties

I have fought with this problem a couple of times, but now I found a way out. Let’s say you have a Maven POM and, depending on the active profiles, you want to set a property, like: You should know by now that using mvn package -Pdev,ci is not going to produce the outcome you […]

Cucumber is NOT a testing framework!

I have been repeating this statement over and over on the Cucumber forum, but apparently with no good result. To me this is a simple statement and I fail to understand what’s difficult to understand in its simplicity: Cucumber (JVM, Ruby, C, the flavour doesn’t matter) is┬ánot a testing framework. I’ll try to further explain […]

Resistor color decoder

Moving along on my previous Ohm’s law calculator I decided to add another little feature, a resistor color decoder. I know, there are many out there already, but you know… this is mine! This was more an exercise on SVG manipulation rather than anything else, but I still believe it’s something I will use in […]

Generalization pitfalls

Experienced developers, including me, tend to prefer generalized code over highly specialized one, but they usually love very simple and highly readable code much more and the two don’t always pair nicely. Disclaimer I’ll use Java and Cucumber to make my point clear (I hope) but what I’m going to assert is not strictly related […]

Multi environment artifacts

Too many times I’ve seen this anti-pattern applied. So many that I’m here writing about it with the hope some of those applying it will read this post and stop doing it. The anti-pattern I’m referring to is the one I christened Environment Aware Artifact, also known as The Production Build. If you don’t understand […]