Fixing Concrete5 Gateway Timeout

Apparently this seems to be an issue with this popular Content Management System, something which should be definitely addressed by the development team looking at the amount of threads in their forum related to this issue. Also, it doesn’t seem to be something new on the scene as many are as old as six years: […]

Docker on RaspberryPi

Installing Docker on a RaspberryPi might seems overkill, but it actually works pretty well, even if installing the tools can be a little messier if you don’t know how to do it and you start searching the Internet for clues. After being intimidated by the many alternatives given to you to overcome the lack of […]

nRF24 walk through – Introduction

The Nordic nRF24 is a family of silicon integrated radio transceivers operating in the 2.4GHz band, the most popular one being the nRF24L01. This is the core element of some extremely cheap module boards available in online stores like eBay, Aliexpress and Banggood. These boards do not provide WiFi (801.11) or Bluetooth connectivity (both in […]

XBian from USB with SD fallback

After the big mess I’ve previously posted about I’ve decided to get the opportunity to switch over to a better and more performing setup for my Raspberry Pi, not to mention the addition of multiple backups… The goal I set up was to have mi Pi running off a root filesystem on my external USB hard drive […]

Customize Transmission on Fonera 2.0N

I finally managed to nicely setup my Fonera 2.0N torrent client to work as I expect, even if it was not a very simple task. What I wanted was to use a separate in-progress folder for non completed torrents and a completed folder for… guess what! I found there are two ways to achieve this goal: […]

Recover your (very) deleted files

Yesterday I did something stupid. Ok, that’s not the very first time it happens to me, but I believe this specific time it was something worth sharing. My RaspberryPi did run out of space and all the files I was sharing through the attached 2TB USB hard drive were unreachable. I took the opportunity to […]

nRF24 on Raspberry Pi

NOTE This post has been quite successful, so I decided to publish a complete series on nRF24 transceivers. I’m working on a home automation project and I’m planning to use my Raspberry Pi as central node of a network of cheap nRF24 nodes. First thing is to get the necessary compilation tools, something quite easy to […]