OSH Font

The OSH font characters associations

Creating PCB sometimes requires a little decoration, so I’ve created this font to deliver the OSH logo in many variations to help in creating non-trivial compositions like the ones I like.

As you might notice, I’ve added a version with the release symbols as suggested by Dave Jones: I love the idea, but to keep it simple, instead of adding all the possible symbols combinations, I’ve just added one with all the letters and you can mask out those you don’t want to allow.

In case you are wondering what might be the difference between the glyphs associated with letters C and D, the latter has been inset a bit to work better in association with letter E: you can put the two together, one over the other and have a silkscreen outline along a copper mask opening, or any other combination you might like.

What about a fancy outline along an exposed copper?
The OSH logo version proposed by Dave Jones

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