Verify BeaconProxy on Etherscan

Openzeppelin is a great library for developing smart contracts based on the Solidity language, no doubt about that. Its offering of utility, interfaces and contracts to extend is just astonishing and when it comes to smart contract upgradeability it really shines for clarity and simplicity: it took me literally one day to go from not […]

Micro machining a gem

With a radius of 24.44 mm, a height of 15.8 mm, a 2 ct weight and it’s classic, round shape cut based on a hexadecagon, the eye of the moon stands out from all the other aluminium gems on this planet and is considered a unique object by both the Tooth Fairy and the Queen of England!

OSH Font

Creating PCB sometimes requires a little decoration, so I’ve created this font to deliver the OSH logo in many variations to help in creating non-trivial compositions like the ones I like. As you might notice, I’ve added a version with the release symbols as suggested by Dave Jones: I love the idea, but to keep […]

Imagine, Make, Play!

I just wanted to share what team MAKE!, which I’m proud to be a member, has realized to showcase what can be done with a little inventive and modern digital fabrication tools. I wish to sincerely thank my friends and fellow team members Sebastiano Ronzulli, Giovanni Pittacolo, Matteo De Biase, Filippo Collati and Rossella Fiorini. […]

Centering models on the print bed

A friend has recently gifted me a 3D printer, a Geeetech i3 and since then I’ve tuned the printer and tried to improve the output quality with decent success. Today I had the need to print something quite large and I had the need to center the print bed to match what I have in […]

Custom fixture design

My friends and I have a project we wish to showcase during the next upcoming Maker Faire Rome 2018. We believe it’s an amazing idea, which involves engraving a massive amount of aluminium dog tags, like the one below, and for massive I mean a couple hundred pieces. If this is not the first post […]

Milling edge lit signs

This post is about the creation of one of those cool looking, completely transparent,¬†glowing signs you can see in bars, restaurants and other shops. These objects leverage light diffraction to create that nice glowing effect and I wanted to create one for a colleague of mine who was getting into a new job position. I […]

Fixing Concrete5 Gateway Timeout

Apparently this seems to be an issue with this popular Content Management System, something which should be definitely addressed by the development team looking at the amount of threads in their forum related to this issue. Also, it doesn’t seem to be something new on the scene as many are as old as six years: […]