Verify BeaconProxy on Etherscan

Openzeppelin is a great library for developing smart contracts based on the Solidity language, no doubt about that. Its offering of utility, interfaces and contracts to extend is just astonishing and when it comes to smart contract upgradeability it really shines for clarity and simplicity: it took me literally one day to go from not […]

Fonera 2.0 custom DDNS

I keep getting impressed by the versatility of this intelligent router, more if you consider I paid 70€ for it and it’s now pretty old. Anyway, I’ve decided to switch to a different, more powerful DDNS service ( which doesn’t seem being supported by my router, so I started digging around and it took me […]

Git Tricks

Git is a great  SCM / VCS, but sometimes it can be scary: unless you start keeping track of those useful commands which can save your day! If your git knowledge is a little on the beginner side you might want to start with the following tutorials: a completely interactive step-by-step tutorial an interactive playground […]

Github project website

This is nothing new, but apparently not many Github users know about this feature and I’ve recently learnt an easy way to set it up. But let’s step back for a second: what are Github pages? it’s a web space granted to each Github user and project where you can publish anything related to the […]

Markdown with Yada Wiki and Jetpack

In the office we have recently decide to migrate our team wiki to WordPress and Yada Wiki has been selected. The team is also quite comfortable with Markdown, even if not everybody is ready to adopt it as the main editor, so I struggled a bit to find a solution, until I stumbled upon Jetpack. […]

Windows 7 disk space hunger

My recently formatted desktop computer just started to show those nice notifications regarding system disk drive exhaustion… Really? I gave you 60GB of my brand new SSD and I’ve just installed one third of the software I want to run! What are you Windows doing with my precious hard disk? So yes, I admit I use […]

Customize Transmission on Fonera 2.0N

I finally managed to nicely setup my Fonera 2.0N torrent client to work as I expect, even if it was not a very simple task. What I wanted was to use a separate in-progress folder for non completed torrents and a completed folder for… guess what! I found there are two ways to achieve this goal: […]

Resistor color decoder

Moving along on my previous Ohm’s law calculator I decided to add another little feature, a resistor color decoder. I know, there are many out there already, but you know… this is mine! This was more an exercise on SVG manipulation rather than anything else, but I still believe it’s something I will use in […]

Mobile cross platform development

Among the many mobile app development challenges (user experience being one of the most important) the platform is one of those that has seen many solutions raising in the recent. There are a few platforms out there, some are growing (iOS and Android), some are still in the process of seeing sun light (Microsoft) and […]