Docker on RaspberryPi

Installing Docker on a RaspberryPi might seems overkill, but it actually works pretty well, even if installing the tools can be a little messier if you don’t know how to do it and you start searching the Internet for clues.

After being intimidated by the many alternatives given to you to overcome the lack of a docker package on the official package repositories you’ll start wondering which might be a secure way to start playing with Docker without compromising your system security: here is what I have done.

The Client and the Server

First thing you need is to have the Docker server along with the command line client installed.

The RaspberryPi Foundation, within their blog, recommend to simply use:

$> curl -sSL | sh

That’s an official shell script which will identify your operating system and architecture (don’t forget we are on an ARM processor) and install the most appropriate binaries.

The Compose

After playing for a while with Docker you’ll start to feel the urgency to use the docker-compose tool, which sadly is another missing element.

I’ve found the simplest way to have it running is by executing the following two commands:

$> sudo apt-get -y install python-pip
$> sudo pip install docker-compose

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