This is a list of tools, plugins and websites I find useful for my job. If you believe you have better alternatives to my picks feel free to let me know!


  • First my Resistor Color Coder which is obviously… mine!
  • Did you know I made a nice Ohm’s Law Calculator? It is my first attempt at AngularJS, not too bad after all.
  • Web Page Test provides you a performance and visual test of any publicly accessible web page from many different locations
  • Prezi is wonderful free presentation tool

Eclipse Plugins

  • Natural is a Gherkin syntax editor I wrote and it’s obviously the best one around 😉

Arduino IDE & Libraries

  • The default Arduino IDE is a good start, but I found that Eclipse with the Arduino Plugin is much, much better

Chrome Plugins


  • RedMine is a project management web application providing wiki, forums and issue tracking among other stuff
  • Spring Insight is a performance monitoring tool that can easily run within Tomcat

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