USBasp & Windows 10


If you have an USBasp programmer and a recent Windows machine you have more than probably stumbled into a disappointing message, either from Arduino IDE or Sloeber:

avrdude: error: could not find USB device with vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc vendor='' product='USBasp'

I believe I’ve spent at least a couple of hours searching for a solution which would not require downloading some weird drivers from an unknown source.

Almost all forum threads I’ve been reading were describing a clunky process which involved rebooting the OS and disabling the driver signature verification to permit the installation of a driver you could download from Mediafire or attached to the posts… not something I’m really willing to do.

Making the long story short you just download Zadiq (a well known, reliable and open source software) and install the libusbK driver for your USBasp device: that’s it!


21 thoughts on “USBasp & Windows 10

  1. Thanks! I used the Zadig, but forgot to change the driver to libusbK. You reminded me to do so and now it works perfectly.


    1. Not my tool, I’m just a user as you are.
      You might try with Options > List all devices, but be careful with your actions: you risk overwriting drivers you need, like your mouse or keyboard…


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