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City Management

Cities Management
This is the section that mostly links Valorize to the game world you are currently playing.

The city list is automatically sorted by city name and cities are grouped by initial letter to ease your searches.

Adding a city is just one tap away through the (+) button in the top right corner.

The city list can be easily filtered through the filter field at the top: you can type anything that is displayed: tags, city name or coordinates.

Tap on a list item to edit/delete it.



Walk Calculator

Walk Calculator
Probably the section you’ll use most: input your target coordinates and the list will display your cities in distance order, from closest to farest.

Select a unit type and the list will show walk time to the target.

Swipe on an item in the list to temporarily mark it. Please note markers are reset if you change target coordinates or unit type.

Tap on the magnifier glass icon in the top right corner to open the advanced filters panel.




Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters
Through this panel you can filter your walk list by city type, tags and, above all, landing time.

Yes, once you set the landing time in the advanced filter panel only cities that can reach the target withing the expected landing time will be shown.

And yes, the landing time is expected in Valor Time, so non need to do any conversion!

In addition you can tap on a city to automatically generate an audio/visual alarm to remember you about the task!

Swipe the panel away, tap outside the panel or tap on the check mark icon to apply your filters and update your list.


Farms Management

Advanced Filters
This is your list of farms, cities you visit to gather resources, or, as I prefer, farms you harvest!

Tap on the (+) icon in the top right corner to add a new farm, specifying the resource buildings level and the warehouse level: the app will calculate for you the expected fill percentage so you just have to open up this section to see which farm is ready to be harvested!

Once your farm is empty just swipe on the list item to mark the farm visited and reset the farming counter.

The list is sorted by last visit and can be filtered as other lists: tap on an element to edit/delete it.




Advanced Filters
Here you can see all your alarms in expiring order with alarms occurring in the past highlighted with a red interval to fire.

Tap on an element on the list to delete it: once created alarms cannot be modified.








Cities ManagementThe settings page is accessible from the main display of each section and allows to perform some administrative tasks.

There are two format settings: the interval format controls how walk times and other time intervals are displayed, the date format permit to switch between two different date formats.

The Batch Import feature is one of the most valuable features for new users as it allows to easily and quickly import all your cities in few easy steps.

The Backup To Dropbox is there to easily share your application data among multiple devices: beware though, this is not a synchronisation capability, but a backup/restore.

The Remove All Data button allows you to wipe out you application data to either start a new world (Free version) or allow a fresh data restore from a Dropbox backup.


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