First Start

If you are here you are just starting your Valorize experience and you need some initial info to start.

first-start This is the very first screen the app shows you when you first start it (or when you decide to wipe out the entire data set and start fresh).

In this screen you can decide to start a fresh new world or restore your data set from Dropbox.

If this is your very first time you use the app than you actually have no other choice than creating a new world as you have no backup to restore.

new-worldOnce you click on the Create a new World button you will be presented with another screen to provide the necessary initial information.

All those info can be retrieved from within the game itself but the world name: you can use anything you think is useful for you to identify it.

The world size is probably the most complicated bit of info to retrieve because you need to access your world map.

Within the map zoom out as much as possible and pan the view around: you’ll notice the world has grossly the shape of a rhombus. If you zoom in near the southern or eastern corner you’ll notice there is a dashed line crossing the screen: such dashed lines identify region borders and what we are looking for is exactly the eastern border of the eastern most region or the southern border of the southern most region.

mapNow pick a village or city close to the border and look at it’s coordinates, like in the image on the side: the highest coordinate plus one is the world size. As rule of thumb all worlds marked as 5k have a size of 180 squares while 1k worlds are 90 squares big.

worldThe remaining two bits of information can be found on the world information screen as shown in the picture on the side.



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