Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for your reference: feel free to use the answers before posting a new support request.

How can I create a battle plan?

In Valorize you can create a set of alarms to remind you about your battle tasks: this is what we consider a battle plan.

The easiest way to create such alarms is by going in the walk section, open the advanced filters panel and set the expected landing date and time.

Once you close the panel you can set the target coordinates and the unit type: the list will now only show cities that are within walk range and an icon is added on the right side of each element: you can tap on an item to create an alarm to remind you about that task. Such alarms can be customised to fit your specific needs, like adding the number of waves to send and so forth. In addition you can set a number of minutes of notice so you have the time you need to perform your task.

How can I synchronise multiple devices?

The app does not support proper data synchronization at the moment, but it supports app data backup and restore: what you can do is move your data from one device to the other.

From the device containing your updated data set go into the Settings screen and click on the Backup to Dropbox button: if you haven’t used the Dropbox integration before you will be prompted to authenticate and add Valorize among the authorized apps. Once completed your cities, farms and alarms will be backed up.

On the receiving device go to Settings and click on the Remove All Data button confirming you want to completely wipe out your data set, then select Restore from Dropbox in the next pop up.

Why some cities don’t get imported?

The city import procedure automatically excludes any city that fails to get imported. The most common failure reason is an error on city coordinates recognized as invalid for the current world. As an example if you try to import a city with coords (100,100) in a Standard 1K world the import will fail because those worlds are limited to (89,89).

Whenever your city list doesn’t get completely imported please check the text you have pasted into the batch city import text box.


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