Batch Import

screenshotTo batch import your game cities you need to take a series of screenshots of your Valor Game app with your city list open, like in this image.

If, like me, your city list does not fit in one single screenshot, keep scrolling your list and taking screenshot until your entire city list is covered.

Now switch to your favourite picture editing app (if you have iOS 5+ you can use the default app) and crop all the screenshots so that only the city names and coordinates appear in the picture. Have a look at the second picture to have an idea on what I mean. You do not need to be precise in cropping and you can cut out duplicates.


When you are done open your favourite web browser and go to, a free web service that can convert text in images into normal text.

One by one you need to perform the following steps on each of your cropped screenshots:

  1. tap on the Select File button and select a cropped screen-shoot from the camera roll
  2. pick up the language you used in your city names
  3. click on the Preview button
  4. click on the OCR button
  5. select all text in the text box below and paste it in a note or directly into the Valorize batch import text box

If you have done it the right way you should see something like the third picture.

newocrOnce you have your full city list pasted in the batch import text area you will see a summary of how many cities will be imported: check the number is correct and tap on the Import button.

As you can see a city is defined on two lines and if you want you can mark your lord cities by adding an L at the end of the second line.


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