Valorize is the perfect support app for the famous Valor strategy game from QuarkGames.

Valorize will help you plan your attack and defense, calculate launch time in your local timezone and notify when your next action needs to be executed: no more miscalculations!

Ideas and suggestions are very welcome and if you wish you can follow Valorize App on Twitter to stay up to date.

Please visit the frequently asked questions page before screaming for support and it would be nice if you pay a visit to the greetings page to check out who helped me realize this app!

Among other, Valorize Free features:

  • online help
  • city list management including new barbarian villages
  • distance and walk time calculation
  • farm list and fill status
  • generated and manual visual and audible alarms
  • batch city import
  • dropbox backup/restore
  • multiple interval formats

The full version extends the prior list with:

  • No ads for a non cluttered experience
  • Barbarian village influence calculator
  • Multiple worlds support

Please post your support requests to


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