Fonera 2.0 custom DDNS

I keep getting impressed by the versatility of this intelligent router, more if you consider I paid 70€ for it and it’s now pretty old.

Anyway, I’ve decided to switch to a different, more powerful DDNS service ( which doesn’t seem being supported by my router, so I started digging around and it took me only a couple of minutes to find a procedure to add my custom configuration.

To accomplish the task you need to have SSH access to your router and connect to it. Once in, just use vi to edit the file /usr/lib/ddns/services and simply appending an entry to it does the magic.

For it was as simple as adding the following:

# service
"" "[DOMAIN]&password=[PASSWORD]"

Save the file and log into the Fonera web interface opening Settings > DDNS to select the just added provider and configure the parameters: magic!


For completeness I’ve also added the following line, if I’ll ever decide to use additional features of this DDNS service:

" (all)" "[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]"

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