Another one bites the chips

This is a follow up to an old post about milling plastics which, on the hype of Marvel movies, ended with a lightweight promise of a solution.

Well, that promise was fulfilled over six months ago, when we (my fellow makers and me) released an open source hardware and software project called OtheRPM, promoting it during the Rome MakerFaire 2017.

Team AgileWare @ RMF17
A 3D rendering of the board produced by CircuitMaker

The full story behind the project is also available on that website: I believe it demonstrates an interesting fail-and-learn course on the path of enlightening…

If you’ll have the opportunity to get to the upcoming Rome MakerFaire 2018 and you wish to build the project yourself, we’ll be happy to share our experience with you: just leave a comment below and I’ll let you know how to find us.

Model C Rev. D
The OtheRPM board in white

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