Am I a Meta Maker™?

Yesterday has been a special day for me.

It started as any other day of my recent life, with a late alarm after a too short sleep. As usual I had my morning shower and rushed into the office were I spent my day working together with the other members of my team and running meetings with my partners abroad: a day as many others, as I said.

It was quite late when I finally returned home, but I knew my day was not over yet: an electronics project is waiting on my desk, expecting somebody to troubleshoot the issue currently preventing the I2C bus communication.

I have spent countless nights working around this project, with great joy for my partner!

It all started because I wanted something compact to power my electronic projects, an hobby that caught me unarmed a couple of years ago, may be three.

Now I have this splendid (to my eyes) circuit board on my desk: a couple of plastic arms keep it suspended, while few wires depart from it to reach diagnostic interfaces, in an attempt to provide the information I’m seeking for.

In July and August my work on this project got an impressive boost: I decided to enter the CircuitMaker Project of the Summer 2016 contest.


I knew there were many, and much more experienced, people going to participate, but I wanted to be part of the game nonetheless: you need to test you abilities to know where you stand and you can improve.

Obviously, I must admit, I had hopes when I threw myself into the competition: I really wished to win the prize, that precision CNC looked so cool! Not to mention it’s a tool I would definitely wish! But before competition closing I had a look at the top projects and they looked so amazing…


Well, I don’t stand a chance, but it was the opportunity to finish the project! I won already! Now I just have to solve this damn I2C issue…

So, yesterday I received an email…. The email contained a link to a blog post… but my name wasn’t in there. That didn’t surprise me much, I thought

Hey, look how cool are the runner up projects! I wasn’t even aware of that one…

There was also a YouTube video embedded in the post, so to discover my project was among the finalists! (Hey Ben, click on this link, please! smiley-10225)

Really? Did you really took my project into consideration for the final? Is it really so cool?

That was exactly my thinking while I was getting excited, now calling in my partner to join me and share with her the news.


Can you imagine my reaction when we got close to the end just to discover the big suprise? Well, something like…

Can you imagine how good it feels to get a recognition for your hobby, the thing you do just because you like to do it? And suddenly somebody tells you Well done buddy, this is really good!

It is just amazing guys, really amazing!

I wish to say Thanks! to all those who voted my project on the CircuitMaker community: you have been the ones who pushed me into the competition in first place!

Also I wish to Thanks! Dave Jones, the author of the uSupply, the design the FlexiPower is based on: you have thought me, you have inspired me and I know I have just made a few modifications to a great design!

I wish to say Thanks! to you guys at CircuitMaker for your great tool, it really feels great working with it: I finally feel like I have a professional EDA in my hands and the community and support is just great! Keep going lads, you are doing great!

Obviously I wish to say Thanks! to the young pretty lady from Othermachine Co, Danielle Applestone, for selecting FlexiPower as winner: I swear I didn’t bribe her!

Finally, but certainly not least, I wish to say Thanks! to my family and friends, who supported me along the route, with a special mention to Annamaria (my partner) who had to go in bed alone, in the cold winter nights of Central Italy (?!?!), so many times, while I was chasing my maker dreams sitting at my desk…

Thank you!
Thank you so much!



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