Subversion + LDAP read only and read write

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Here follows the Apache configuration I found working to set a repository read-only and read-write permissions. Consider read-write permissions are given by adding a user to both read-allowed and write-allowed LDAP groups, while read-only permissions are given through the read-allowed LDAP group.

  AuthType basic
  AuthBasicProvider ldap
  AuthBasicAuthoritative On
  AuthName “SmartLab Directory Server”
  AuthLDAPURL ldap://ldap/ou=people,dc=smartlab,dc=net
  AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN off
  AuthLDAPGroupAttribute memberUid
    Require ldap-group cn=read-allowed,ou=groups,dc=smartlab,dc=net
    Require ldap-group cn=write-allowed,ou=groups,dc=smartlab,dc=net

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One thought on “Subversion + LDAP read only and read write

  1. Hello. I'm a sys administrator.Used SVN and LDAP in my system but I can't configurate the read-only or read-and-write user. please tell me which configuration parameters for LDAP colocastes only group allowed to perform reading and writing another group to perform.Thanks for the helpme!.


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